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Difference Between Latex VS Fabric Booty Bands

When searching for a resistance band, you have to find one that is comfortable for you, and fits your strength level so that you are constantly progressing each workout.

Latex Booty Bands (Original)

Latex resistance booty bands typically come in a pack of 3 or 5, with varying tension levels, which is nice to have since everyone is different, and with some exercises you may need a lighter band. Latex bands are used for lower body, upper body, and abdominal exercises. They stretch further than fabric bands making them more versatile.

Suitable for:

Latex bands mimic weights, but do not put added pressure on the joints, which is great for older individuals and those who have dealt with an injury or ongoing muscle pain. Even popular workout programs recommend a set of resistance bands with multiple levels.


The downside is that the latex bands (lower levels) tend to roll up especially when used on bare skin (this wouldn’t be as big of an issue when wearing leggings), and they are also a bit uncomfortable since latex sticks to skin…which is very uncomfortable for men with leg hair (OUCH).

Latex bands do offer more bang for your buck, but involve a couple of downsides as well.

If you are allergic to latex or experience a rash/skin reaction, please only use fabric bands.

Fabric Bands

Fabric booty bands are typically sold separately and have less options for resistance level. Fabric bands typically do not stretch as wide, so they are mostly used for hip thrusts, squats, and crab walks.  Our fabric bands have non-slip grips so they will not roll up or slide around.

They are popular due to the comfort of the bands! You can throw these bad boys in the wash after an intense sweat sesh to clean them off. Latex bands can only be rinsed off or wiped down!

They are also a more eco-friendly option!

Suitable for:

They are stronger than latex bands making them perfect for more advanced lifters! As the fabric bands do not stretch as much, they are great for hip thrusts, squats, and crab walks.


Upper body movements are not common with these bands due to their strength and lack of stretch.


Each type of band has its purpose. All in all, your comfort and strength is key when choosing a resistance band. It’s great to have both when needed, and to experiment and see which one is the right fit for you.

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Used the bands on my daily outdoor work out. It was perfect, the little bag fits perfectly in my bag and keeps the bands neat on my journey to work out. I love that there are 5 different strengths, so perfect for a full body work out. Really loved them! - Megan, QLD
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